As we have many Customers nearby Estonia (i.e. Finland, Sweden, Russia, Latvia), we will offer the possibility to have a short overview about us!

Since 1997 our family owned Company is growing and selling fruit trees and berry bushes in Estonian market. We are offering big variety and best quality plants. All trees and plants have been growing outside, in Scandinavian weather conditions. Our Customers are always welcome to visit us.
Our products
We are growing and selling following trees and plants:
Sold plants are two to four years old. Please click on the name of the tree and new browser window will open with the gallery and the name of variety we offer. Feel free to ask more details about variety You are interested in.
Päidre Puukool has rights to change the pricelist according to the market demand. Plants can be bought with bare roots (spring, autnum) or with container throughout the season (3L, 5L)
Visit us
There are three possibilities to visit us:

You are always welcome to visit our tree nursery in Viljandi County, Estonia. More information in "Contact us" menu

B. We are also happy to inform You that we are participating during the season (April – October) in different kind of events like fairs and exhibitions in Estonia. You will find more details about these events in our "fairs calendar"

C. Special agreements. As we are travelling a lot all over the Estonia, we can agree on an appointment and hand over pre-ordered trees & plants
Contact us
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Päidre Puukool
Hillar Nassar, +372 51 56 069 (Estonian, Russian)
Lea Nassar, +372 53 942 889 (Estonian, Russian)
Lauri Nassar, +372 56 600 736 (Estonian, English)

69614, Päidre village, Viljandi county, Estonia
Mon - Fri 8:00 - 20:00
Sat - Sun 8:00 - 20:00

10531750, PMA NR 28
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